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Friday, 22 April 2011

Former members of the BNP: register now!

Register Your Continued Commitment

By Andrew Brons MEP 

22 April 2011: The current civil war in the Party has had several ‘casualties’:

* members who have been expelled or suspended from the Party;

* members who have resigned from the Party or who have failed to renew their membership either in support of those suspended or expelled or because they have concerns over:

** the constitution;

** the finances of the Party;

** the leadership and/or advisers to the leadership;

** the way in which the civil war has been conducted.

I have not left the Party, have no plans to do so, and I advise other members also to remain within the British National Party.

I do, however have concerns that I am prepared to discuss with members and ex-members and my greatest concern is that the Party is being dismantled, quite deliberately, as part of the civil war that is being waged.

From past experience, the likely consequence is that large numbers of members and activists will simply be lost to the Nationalist cause. They will not join rival parties and they will not keep in touch with those who continue to be involved.

There might be some who have simply been looking for an excuse to leave but I am confident that they are in a minority. Most are still committed Nationalists but are not prepared to waste their efforts (as they see it)either on a Party that seems determined to rid itself of dissentients and risks becoming Britain’s fastest shrinking party; or on an opposition whose strategy is to embrace a civic nationalist party.

I cannot foresee the future but the Party will either think again about its disastrous course and embrace reform and reconciliation or it will cease to exist. In either event, your renewed involvement will be vital.

I have never regarded activists or even ordinary members as dispensable; they are like gold dust.

There are former or lapsed members who are not ready to rejoin or renew under present circumstances and are not prepared to embrace a fringe nationalist or a civic nationalist party. However, they are also people who are committed Nationalists who would become involved again in favourable circumstances. We cannot afford to lose them.

It is important to keep a register of these people so that they can be contacted in the event of circumstances changing to allow them to become involved again.

If you fall into any of the categories mentioned, please contact me here: andrewbrons2010@yahoo.co.uk.

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