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Monday, 25 April 2011

Party news round-up (with no spin)

The BNP Truth Truck, Parish Councillors and Kieren Trent

Written by Green Arrow for the British Resistance web site

Monday, 25 April 2011 11:21

Let us have a quick round up of what is happening in the sadly shrinking world of the British National Party, most of the news you will already have read over on their site, which seems to be ticking along OK without Arthur Kemp but who is still greatly missed by many nationalists.

However that said, here is my take on the stories reported and some other news.

First off, The Truth Truck. It is back in action, which is good news, however it should not have been off the road in the first place. However Clive Jefferson did say something of interest in the announcement of its return to the campaign trail;

"Our management team listens very carefully to the concerns of members and ensures that action is taken.

"Activists told us they wanted the Truth Truck back on the road. We listened, and we delivered what they asked for."

Well it is good that the Party is finally listening to the activists but there is something wrong with the BNP's leadership when they have to be TOLD by the members how to run a campaign. Perhaps it was this article here, Let us get the British National Party Truth Truck back on the Road, written by myself that finally nudged them into action and got the Truth Truck rolling again? Better late than never as they say. Perhaps a part of the purpose of this site is to kick the party into action?

Now then, I do not know about you but I do not like Spin (I will not do it again) and I think the BNP would do better, to just report the truth than be caught spinning. The site is proudly boasting that Six More British National Party Councillors have been Elected.

Again Clive Jefferson exposes those who have been planning BNP strategy as being not fit for purpose when he writes:

"This year we have started our first ever initiative to occupy the lower tier seats in local government, and it has been an unmitigated success, with dozens of Parish and Town Councillors elected already.

“This is just the start, as we intend to keep pushing through onto these councils constantly from now on."

This is just bloody disgusting. This is a strategy that should have been implemented from the very birth of the British National Party. We should use the Parish Council positions as stepping stones to County Councillors, in fact I posted this article, The Importance of Parish Councillors, over three years ago. It is still a good article for those interested in the duties and powers of Parish Councillors.

Now, it is a pleasant change to write something good about Adam Walker after he dropped the ball by playing into the hands of the establishment by getting himself arrested for not wearing a seat belt and littering. Adam along with Organiser Pete Malloy organised a St George's Day parade in Spennymore, despite the unpatriotic council not authorising it by using the excuses of risk assesment and insurance. Well done Adam and Pete.

Onto now, young Master Kieren Trent, who as far I know, is still the leader of the young BNP Resistance. A new site called England is Ours, is reporting that Kieren has been arrested and his computer equipment been seized following a demonstration against a Dhimmi councillor who sold out his country and people by voting to allow a mosque to be build, despite the protests and wishes of local residents. Apparently there is video footage and we will publish it once we have access.

Still on the subject of young Master Trent, I am not sure where he is coming from these days, as he was recently photographed out campaigning for Chris Beverly of the anti-British and anti-white, Roll over and Die Party, called the English Democrats.

Now it is all well and good, Kieren saying that he was out helping his friend Chris in his election campaign, the point is that the English Democrats are diametrically opposed to the British National Party. You cannot run with the fox and hunt with the hounds Kieren and so it is make your mind up time. BNP or English Democrats? My opinion is this, the British National Party leadership may be corrupt and incompetent but at least they are pro-British and still pro-white.

With regards to the Welsh Assembly campaign, there is not much I can say. Several Welsh activists have asked me why our site is not publishing anything about it.

I asked them to send me images and reports themselves but they declined saying they have been instructed not to! I asked if they did not find this strange but I must confess that at least two of them sounded rather frightened of certain notorious Welsh Activists who have a down on me personally and this site. Shameful.

I can also tell you this. There is a story out there, that if it is picked up by the media before the elections, then Wales BNP will be severely punished at the polls. If the press do pick it up, I will report it, otherwise I will remain silent until after the election. Will Brian Mahoney have the courage to sort it out, I doubt it.

Finally, it is my intention to attend, and also take with me a video cameraman to film and report on, The Way Forward Conference on May 14th. I then intend to travel over the next day (15th) to where the grass roots are having a Leadership Challenge Conference, Shaping Our Future, and get a report on that event also.

Now the unpleasant bit. The road to hell they say, is paved with good intentions. My intentions are to attend both these events and report on them for you.

However the roads to these events sucks up petrol like it is going out of fashion and you KNOW what the price of fuel is, so if you can assist us by making a donation then please do so. There is also a need to buy some new tapes and camera tripod.

As usual the site also needs to meet its monthly bills and again we are struggling. Like I have said so many times before, without your support we are sunk.

UPDATE 12:42

BNP Training Officer Mike Howson responds to this article on his site and very interesting information is revealed.

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