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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Brons his own man, unlike Griffin

Response to a Specific Question

Posted by admin, on 2 July, 2011, to Andrew Brons' BNP Ideas web site

Andrew would end Harrington's pernicious influence over the British National Party
  By Andrew Brons MEP.

A member has asked about the part that Eddy Butler and Chris Beverley have in British National Party activities and decisions. The answer is none.

They are employed to do European Parliamentary work and that is all they do for me.

In fact, Mr Butler was employed at the insistence of Mr Griffin. I had never even met him before Mr Griffin demanded that he be put on the EU payroll.

Both Mr Beverley and Mr Butler are now members or associates of the English Democrats – a party that I abhor.

However, they enjoy employment protection under English law.

It would be almost as inappropriate for them to take part in BNP decisions as it is deplorable that Patrick Harrington, a leading member of the multi-racialist National Liberal Party, takes most of Nick Griffin’s decisions for him (those that are not taken by Jefferson, that is).

It has been alleged repeatedly by our current Chairman’s propagandists that they are in charge of my BNP Ideas website. They are not. They have written nothing for it and posted nothing on it. They do not have the necessary passwords to do so.

They make no suggestions about what should be posted on it. This website is designed for BNP members and supporters and it would be inappropriate for members of another party to be allowed to have anything to do with it.

I do not believe that they would seek to re-join the British National Party, even if I were to be elected Chairman.

However, if they or other people expelled were to apply to rejoin, it would be for the elected governing body to consider their applications and to decide whether or not to accept them. I would not take such decisions as an autocratic Chairman.

Nor would I presume to tell the members of the governing body how they must vote.

Micro-management of the Party by the Chairman and his controllers must end.

Chris Beverley was unjustly suspended for simply attending a meeting at which he did not even speak. Eddy Butler was expelled, without a tribunal, for criticising our current Chairman on a blog. In his case, there would have to be an inquiry into the allegations that he made.

If it were to be found that his allegations were mainly false and contrived, his application should, in my opinion, be refused. However, if they were found to be true or supported by convincing evidence, an inquiry should be conducted into any wrongdoing revealed and the people concerned.

Under the constitution devised by Arthur Kemp, administrative decisions, such as the appointment of Party employees, would be taken by an elected Executive.

Interviews could be conducted by a professional Personnel Officer. I believe that decisions should be taken on objective criteria and not on how sycophantic the individuals are towards the Chairman and his cronies.

However, members or supporters of other parties should not be considered for employment by the Party and nor should they be allowed to take part in Party work [Emphasis mine, AE].

Our Chairman’s propagandists have devised the slogan ‘Vote Brons and Get Butler’. I hope that I have demonstrated that to be false.

However, ‘Vote Griffin and Have Harrington Take All the Decisions’ is the current reality.

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