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Friday, 1 July 2011

Lies AND Incompetence

Incompetence or Lies?

This is the Sort of Thing which is Killing the BNP

Posted by admin, on 1 July, 2011, to Andrew Brons' BNP Ideas web site

Written promises by the current BNP chairman to pay printers have been ignored while lavish amounts have been spent on “new” leaflets and salaries for family members and non-party officials, it has been revealed.

The shocking state of financial skulduggery which has blackened not just the current chairman’s name, but that of the party and all of its members, has emerged after one of the creditors, Stuart Howarth of Newton Press in County Durham, released into the public domain correspondence between himself and Nick Griffin over outstanding bills.

Mr Howarth, who printed the Voice of Freedom newspaper and all of Mr Griffin’s personal General Election leaflets without asking for upfront payment, has been left with a bill of over £16,000 since May 2010.

Mr Howarth emailed Mr Griffin on several occasions asking for payment. After being ignored for months on end, Mr Howarth was offered a payment plan.

A few payments were made, but then even those stopped, leaving him with an outstanding balance of £16,374.00.

Below is some of the correspondence released by Mr Howarth, which includes an email from Mr Griffin dated 01 July 2010 in which full payment was promised “as quickly as is possible.”

Nothing came of this promise, but in the interim Mr Griffin and his party colleagues contracted with new printers to print the revised Voice of Freedom paper, a series of new leaflets, ‘bring our boys home’ petition forms and colour membership bulletins.

In addition, the party has employed at least three new people since the election — Chris Barnett, Charlie Wythe and Stephen Palmer. This is, of course, in addition to employing his daughter and son-in-law.

This means that the party has found the money to employ three new people, order thousands of pounds of new printing, hold a conference and a General Members’ Meeting (for which multiple mail outs were used)—but deliberately and maliciously leave honest, professional service suppliers out in the cold.

“This is the sort of disgraceful financial carry-on which needs to come to an immediate end,” said Andrew Brons MEP.

“It is wholly unacceptable that honest businessmen, who supplied their services in good faith, are treated in such an appalling manner.

“This reflects badly not just on the current chairman, under whose watch these abuses of trust have taken place, but on all of us. We are all smeared by association.

“If I should be accepted as an official candidate for a leadership election, this will be one of the promises I would make: we have a moral obligation to pay off honest businessmen such as Mr Howarth first, and not line the pockets of family members at everyone else’s expense.

“Our party urgently needs to be saved from this wanton self-destruction.

“I hope that the members will do the right thing and replace the current leadership at the earliest opportunity so that we can clean up our act and bring an end to this charade.”

1 Response to " Incompetence or Lies? This is the Sort of Thing which is Killing the BNP "

john says:

July 1, 2011 at 10:10 am

Look at Griffin’s wording in his letter to the printer and his smooth assurances – which came to nothing. How can we trust anything this man states about anything? He has a history of bankruptcy so why had he been involved in party finances?

We need an urgent investigation into the party finances now, plus an audit. Until then, anything the leadership says on party finances cannot be trusted.

Why is Griffin employing his daughter and son-in-law? What does the latter know about politics, if anything? What work experience do both bring to the cause?

The members are increasingly fed up with smooth talking conmen and empty promises.

Griffin and his pal Harrington (a member of a party that stands against our party) are a liability to the cause.

Let us hope Andrew Brons wins and takes a broom to the bureaucracy Griffin has established around him, including that creature Harrington.

As for Walker, Jefferson and the other clique around their pin-up leader, their failure to speak out about this type of activity suggests they are complicit. About time they spoke out. Will they now speak out???

Griffin seems to think we are all stupid and his personal servants.

All good patriots must make an effort to secure votes and support for Brons.

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