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Thursday, 7 July 2011

My voting intentions

Eight reasons I shall be voting for Andrew Brons MEP, in the event my ballot paper arrives in time:-

Andrew Brons is

1. Very good with the media. This is of vital importance in a media age such as ours. He is not gaffe prone.

2. Honest, rather than a cheat and a liar. This is of such importance for a leader that it would be otiose to labour the point.

3. A genuine team player, rather than a publicity-obsessed prima donna. This is essential in a good leader - no one man can do it all on his own and only an arrogant fool would try.

4. Likeable and charming, rather than hateful and objectionable. The public/electorate like and respect Andrew, rather than despise him.

5, Intelligent and well-read, if not an intellectual. Andrew has a hinterland. He is the very antithesis of a shallow buffoon.

6. A genuine, ideological ethnonationalist, with a long pedigree. Andrew is not in politics primarily for the monetary, or status, rewards it may bring.

7. A peacemaker amongst his colleagues wherever possible, but has an inner core of steel, as we are seeing.

8. A man with minimal baggage, certainly as compared to the contents of Terminal 5.

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