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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Punk Rock: counter-culture, or money-spinner?

This is a recording of the American punk rock band, Sado-Nation, whose female vocalist, Mish Bondage (the "fearsome Duchess of Discipline") is employed as a researcher on the MEP payroll of British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, despite not being a member of our party.

Before the band plays its song "Violence", one of them makes a stupid derogatory remark about police officers, saying "They're always afraid". The song "Violence" has the lyric "Use violence to get what you want...not words...violence!"

Now, while mature adults may look at and listen to this band's on-stage antics with amused contempt, its subliminal message is not really aimed at them but at the impressionable minds of our nation's youth. I pose the question: what effect is this pseudo-nihilistic glorification of mindless violence likely to have on them? A healthy, or a corrupting effect?

I submit that the effect on our nation's youth of music such as that purveyed by Sado-Nation, is  unhealthy and corrupting; furthermore, that the leader of a political party such as the BNP, that claims to promote family values, should not be employing someone who is a member of such a band, or closely associated with them.

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