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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Griffin forfeits election for cheating?

Nick Griffin Breaks Leadership Election Rules

Posted by admin, on 5 July, 2011, to Andrew Brons' BNP Ideas web site

Nick Griffin has flagrantly violated the leadership election campaign rules with a series of twitter messages in which he referred to the contest and implied that people should vote for him because he is better than Andrew Brons.

The election rules state that “Canvassing for votes by a candidate for election under this section whether in person or by letter, circular, email, social networking or any other means or on behalf of a candidate for election by letter, circular, email, social networking or any other means outside of the means laid down in this Section shall constitute a disciplinary offence.”

Mr Griffin’s twitter comments, which says that his use of EU staff to investigate Muslim paedophiles rather than “impressing liberal MEPS” is “one of the differences between the 2 leadership candidates”–directly implying that Mr Brons is not interested in the issue of paedophile gangs.

To make matters worse, Mr Griffin is using party-funded resources to engage in this blatant breach of the election rules. His mobile phone bill is paid by party members, and he has used party funds to employ a webmaster to create his Twitter account.

An official complaint has been lodged with the leadership Elections Officer Geoff Dickens over this latest abuse by Mr Griffin. His response, when it comes, will be published on this website.

BNPIdeas makes it clear once again that all material which could be construed as canvassing for votes on this website, was removed before the leadership campaign started. It is Mr Griffin’s team who are in clear and obvious breach of the rules, and the party administration stands at a crossroads: will it take steps to prevent these abuses or will it turn a blind eye?

[The editorial team thanks readers for their comments, but please bear in mind that the election "rules" state clearly that there can be no canvassing for support or votes outside of the procedures laid down in the party constitution. This website will strictly adhere to this rule. - Ed].

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