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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

No cheers for "democracy", Griffin-style

The following article is taken from the main web site of the British National Party

Democracy at work! Two candidates for leadership election

Mon, 04/07/2011 - 19:00

News Team

Nominations for the position of National Chairman closed at noon today, reports National Executive member and Returning Officer, Geoff Dickens.
Candidate: Andrew Brons MEP

Candidate: Nick Griffin MEP
Two candidates have been validly nominated. They are the current National Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, and Andrew Brons MEP. Whoever is elected will have a four-year term of office, beginning from Monday 25th July, when the votes will be counted.

As laid out in the new section of the Constitution on the handling of these contests, a series of fifteen hustings meetings will now take place around the country, at which both candidates will be given the opportunity to speak and answer questions. These meetings are only open to two-year-plus members in their home region.

Additionally, this website will publish this Thursday the statements (of up to 500 words) supplied by the candidates prior to the close of nominations. The ballot papers sent to all two-year-plus members will carry statements of up to 150 words from each candidate.

This website will also feature a five-minute broadcast from each candidate setting out their views. Campaigning for votes outside of official channels is banned.

Members are urged to consider their vote carefully, but like a jury should base their decision on the direct evidence – the statements from the candidates themselves, their track record and their performance at the hustings. Any third-party comments from those hostile to our Party whether in print or on the Internet should be discounted.

National Organiser Adam Walker, who has set up the hustings meetings in every region, said: "I trust this is going to be a good clean fight between two Party heavyweights. Once the members have made their decision, I expect everyone to unite behind that. I urge everyone entitled to vote to do so."

The full schedule of hustings meetings is below. Please contact your local or regional Organiser for venue details. Please note: these meetings are only open to two-year-plus members.

2011 Leadership Election Hustings Meetings

Friday 8 July, North West



Saturday 9 July, Midlands



Sunday 10 July, Wales and South West



Monday 11 July, South West


Thursday 14 July, South East


Friday 15 July, London


Saturday 16 July, Eastern Region


Sunday 17 July, Scotland


Monday 18 July, North West

West Cumbria

Tuesday 19 July, North East

South Shields

Wednesday 20 July, Yorkshire


Thursday 21 July, Northern Ireland


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