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Monday, 4 July 2011

A man is known by the company he keeps

The following post was published earlier today on the BNP sub-section of the British Democracy Forum, by Mafeking. Is Mr Griffin a stranger to the truth? I think we all know the answer to that question.

A fantastic claim

Having been directed there by another member of this forum, I observe this from Nicholas Griffin's "Twitter":

"Meeting also got a good short overview of the great work Solidarity does for our members from Pat
Harrington. The union now has over 700 members & is growing steadily. Just won £30,000 for one of our people."

I understand these claims were made by Harrington at what Nicholas Griffin admits to have been a very small meeting in Canterbury.

First, it seems to me a most odd incidence that the membership of the BNP, upon which Harrington and Solidarity are parasitical, should be falling so dramatically while that of the leech-like organism clinging to it should be growing at such an astonishing pace.

Of course, the doubtful "benefits" of joining what is very little more than a long term financial support scheme in favour of Harrington have been put before the remnants of the BNP membership at every opportunity, and it is quite possible that a number have been duped into wasting their money, but I do not believe for one second that 300 people have added themselves to the 400 claimed to be members last year, most especially given the current economic situation, and most especially not given the parlous condition of the BNP.

Then we have the extraordinary claim, with no further explanation, that Harrington has just "won £30,000 for one of our people".

One presumes this refers to some industrial tribunal.

When and where did this tribunal take place? Who was involved? Does any of us have the least idea?

Why is no news of this magnificent victory declared upon the usual party outlets? Surely, it is something we must all celebrate, and shall be a notable headline at the BNP web site and in its publications?

I am most eager to know of this, as, indeed, I am most eager to know why our betters [sic!] have to date been so modest that they think the news so mundane as to be not worthy of reporting.

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