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Friday, 1 July 2011

The Griffin National Party

Unofficial Personal Musings on the BNP EGM held on Sunday 26th June

The BNP EGM on Sunday - WHAT A FARCE!! Only two hundred people turned up, and the organisers didn't even expect that many - we were crammed into a tiny hall. However it didn't really matter as Griffin had over 500 proxy votes to use as he wished. Add to this the proxy votes of the Regional Organisers - and he had more than the 2/3 majority he needed to force through Constitutional changes even if everyone present voted against them. This is the first time that proxies have been used in this way. In the past, activists have had more of a say in Party debates than armchair members however valuable, because they were the ones who bothered to travel and turn up to such debates. Even more unusual, he added amendments to the motions the night before! The proxies were counted only by Griffin's supporters.

The actual meeting was chaotic. I'd say about 90% of the people there did not know what they were voting about - even the Chairman Geoff Dickens was confused! In fact the only people who backed Griffin in the meeting were the Security Team and Family who were very vocal in their cheers for him, the Walker brothers and Clive Jefferson. Also lots of very new people who didn't really understand what it was all about - they just wanted stability and to get on and fight the enemies of our Nation, yet that's what everyone wants. Even so all the important motions and amendments were voted down by those present. Only the proxies won the day for Griffin.

Griffin kept losing his temper and almost came to blows with one OAP. He also kept making it personal, by making side swipes at his opponents. He referred to ''a travelling rent-a-mob that has been making trouble up and down the country''. In the end of course he got his way and steam-rollered his motions through - so he [sic, the successful candidate] will serve for a 4 year term, candidates will have to sign a loyalty pledge in case they are elected etc etc - all of which deals with the symptoms rather than the causes. And the cause is that the leader appears to have really lost the plot. He MAY have done well for the Party several years ago, but gratitude for his past performance is no reason to let him destroy the present. It is the BRITISH National Party after all, not the Griffin National Party.

When asked why he wasn't going to resign in 2013 as he said he would during the Eddy Butler challenge he said that he had changed his mind (howls of laughter) because the fantastic PERSONAL response he received during the recent Welsh campaign, (bigger howls of laughter - this was the election in Wales in which we did very poorly), had persuaded him to stay on.

One thing that really brought it home to everyone queuing outside the venue to get in was when Jackie Griffin (Griffin's wife) turned up in a state of the art, all extras included, brand new Audi!! (Not sure how much such a car would cost, but a 2nd hand car dealer said it would be at least £11,000.

There were spirited attempts by Arthur Kemp, Michael Barnbrook, Richard Edmonds, Ken Booth etc etc to warn the attendees what was happening to the Party. What was really apparent was who was NOT there! No Simon Darby. No Tim Rait. Never mind all those who have dropped out over the last two years. A few of us later that evening tried making a list of all the good people who have been expelled or dropped out through disillusionment beginning with the Sadie Graham fiasco and on reaching a hundred we gave up.

By every conceivable measure the BNP is going downhill fast and fast becoming a Griffin Family personal fiefdom. I've seen better run 3rd world dictatorships. Apparently there is now to be a leadership election. If the forces of sanity lose this, then we will have five years to rue the result.

Jez Turner

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