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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Who says THIS election is not free and fair?

Nick Griffin Officially Reprimanded by Returning Officer for Breaking Leadership Election Rules

Posted by admin, on 6 July, 2011, to Andrew Brons' BNP Ideas web site

Nick Griffin has been officially ordered by the British National Party’s leadership election returning officer, Geoff Dickens, to stop breaking the rules of the campaign.

Mr Dickens reacted to a large number of complaints submitted after Mr Griffin flagrantly violated the election rules in a series of Twitter messages last night.

The election “rules” forbid campaigning in the election outside of the official channels.

An official communication from Mr Dickens said that “Concerning the Tweets by NG. I have ordered him to stop breaking the rules as set on page one under the heading Election Material paragraph 6, he has undertaken not to make any further derogatory comments, I will of course be sending a letter of confirmation to him.”

The letter which Mr Dickens sent to Mr Griffin reads as follows:

“6 July 2011

Dear Mr Griffin,

I have received a formal complaint concerning your twitter account. You sent out on the internet the following.

nickgriffinmep Nick Griffin MEP

Now have several of my Euro staff working on material for community campaign v Muslim drug rape paedophile gangs. Much better use of taxpayers’ money than having them shadow EU committees in hope of ‘making better legislation’. That’s one of the differences between the 2 leadership candidates. I believe that stopping Muslim sex beasts noncing little girls is better than impressing liberal MEPs with our grasp of the fine points of EU committees.. . .

The election rules specifically state on page 1, under the heading Election Material, paragraph 6:

”Canvassing for votes by a candidate for election under this section whether in person or by letter, circular, email, social networking or any other means or on behalf of a candidate for election by letter, circular, email, social networking or any other means outside of the means laid down in this Section shall constitute a disciplinary offence.”

It is clear that you have breached this rule, and I order you to stop all such actions immediately.

Yours Sincerely

G. Dickens

Returning Officer.”

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